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Latest Happenings: 

HOA Meeting
Tuesday June 21, 2016
7:00 p.m. @ Clubhouse

Hammock Cove
News Letter


Please do not put yard debris by the street any earlier than sunset on Tuesdays. If you have yard debris prior to Wednesday, please put it in an inconspicuous location by your house and not by the street. Also, if the pile of debris is larger than 2 standard size refrigerators lying side by side on the ground (6'L x 6'W x 3'H) please call Waste Pro for free pickup (see link in Helpful Links section). Non-compliance will result in a violation letter being sent to you. Let's work together to keep our community looking great all the time.

Please note that for any work that applies to the outside of your house including paint, roof, windows, doors, storm shutters, driveway, sidewalk, trees,  and other items in the Rules and Procedures listed in the column to the right, require an ARB. We will review ARBs at our monthly meetings. It is to your benefit to attend the meeting if you have submitted an ARB as if there are questions they can be answered immediately. We appreciate your support on this item. 

Property Inspection Schedule

The attached contains a list of completed community projects! 

Completed HOA Projects

2015 Social Committee Calendar and Clubhouse Rentals

Social Committee Event of the Month

Reminder:  Adult Coloring, Tuesday, 10:00 AM at the Club House. Come and relax - Bring your favorite book & pencils, markers, etc.




  Current Information:
Our Hammock Cove "Elves" worked very hard today decorating the Club House and entrance for the Holidays.

A Big Shout Out and Thank You to:  Roseann, Carol, Rose, Sandy, Donald, Milton, Peter, Ken, Tim, Chuck and especially Bernie, who did not give up and got everything to work!!!

The Club House looks amazing and we look forward to everyone enjoying it during the upcoming events.


The Board has passed a resolution stating that if a resident has completed work that requires an ARB, but did not submit an ARB before the work was started, there will be a $100 late processing fee.

Darly Durosea


Signature Property Management LLC
      Kelli Burgess - Association Manager
  Darly Duroseau - Administrative Assistant
                              ARB Applications
                              General Correspondence
        Kathy Olson - Administrator - Sales & Lease
         Donna Kolb - Bookkeeper
                         Account / Assessment Questions

Please direct all complaints in writing  (not to a Board member) by mail to:

    Signature Property Management
              459 NW Prima Vista Blvd
              Port St. Lucie Fl 34983
                        Attn: Kelli / Darly

Signature Property Management's website is www.signaturepropertymgmt.com.

Please note: Rules and Procedures are not the Covenant Documents.
Rules And Procedures

Plant and Tree list

Lawn Maintenance

We have alot of children in our community, please remember that a child could be playing around the bend. 


Children under the age of 16 cannot be at the pool without an adult. 

Please be sure to clean-up after yourself and your children if you eat in the Clubhouse or outside at the pool.

Please submit your Contact Info on the "FORMS" page and be sure to include your email addresses so you can be informed of any important news to your inbox.

All dogs must be on leashes.
You MUST clean up after your dog(s). Do not discard in the clubhouse garbage can.

Any work that is done to the outside of your home (including painting) and that does not involve the ORIGINAL flower bed, must have ARB approval. The ARB form can be found on the "FORMS" page. (Forms must be submitted to Signature, not given to a Board member)

HOA Meetings are held at 7pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Garbage collection is every Tuesday and Friday.
Recyclables are collected on Tuesdays.
Tree trimmings are collected on Wednesdays.

Local Attractions:

Elliott Museum

St Lucie County Regional History Center

Duffy's Electric Boat Rental

Helpful Links:

SNAP - State Nuisance Alligator Program

Waste Pro Link

City of Port St Lucie
St Lucie County
Property Appraiser  

Report Street Light problems to FPL

Florida Car Registration

Florida Drivers License

Call Before You Dig
To avoid costly repairs and construction delays, be sure to contact Sunshine State One Call of Florida at 811 or 1-800-432-47701-800-432-4770 at least two full business days in advance of any excavation work.


Animals at Large—92.03 (A)(1)

All domestic pets must be properly restrained at all times while outside the confines of the owner’s home. Restraint is defined as being on a leash, within an enclosed area or otherwise secured within the property limits of its owner or keeper. Verbal command is not deemed to be proper restraint. Animals captured running loose are transported to the Animal Control holding facility for the owner to pick up. An impound fee of $25 is charged for each animal picked up, and $10 for each night the animal remains at the animal control compound. If the owner fails to pick up the animal, it is transported to the Humane Society of St. Lucie County (772) 461-0687(772) 461-0687.

 The following is in regard to a resident observing someone throwing toys into the lake for their dogs to retrieve.

 The rep that Signature spoke to also stated that this does include an animal being off leash chasing things into a pond.  She further stated that right now this is a very dangerous thing for people to allow their dogs to do because if there is any alligators present or close by they will attack because we are in the height of mating season for them and they are very aggressive right now.


Also in the Rules and Regulations for Hammock Cove it states that when outside of the Dwelling Structure, all dogs and cats must be accompanied by an attendant who shall have such dog or cat firmly held by collar and leash, which leash shall not exceed eight feet in length. 

PSL Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness

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